Badminton Asia is currently represented by 43 member associations from 5 sub-regions all across Asia. The 5 sub-regions recognised under the Badminton Asia Strategic Plan 2013 – 2017 are :
  • East Asia
  • South East Asia
  • West Asia
  • Central Asia
  • South Asia
As the governing body, Badminton Asia focuses on promoting, managing and developing the sport in Asia in principles of specificity and universality.

Badminton Asia Rebranding
Smash the World
The logo portray the dynamic motions of shuttlecock that sit gracefully on oval shape which also represent the attribute of Badminton as a growing & favorable sport in Asia and strive to push Asia as the best in the world.
The dynamic expression of Asian culture represented as brush strokes which derived from shuttlecock in motion and the orange to red gradient depict the burning spirit of badminton player.

Operations Headquarters
Unit 1016, 10th Floor (lift Lobby 3),
Block A, Damansara Intan,
Jalan SS20/27, 47400,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor,